Just when you thought Steve Carell was the only major star featured in NBC's The Office, a bunch of his fellow co-workers are slowly landing gigs on the big screen in what could be Hollywood's next crop of comedic superstars. I already happened upon a few cameos from Office folks in Unaccompanied Minors (stay tuned for our review next week when the pic hits theaters on December 8), and Rainn Wilson (who plays Dwight on the show) is starting to make a bigger name for himself. But, if you want my opinion, it's the lovable John Krasinski (Jim) who is on course to become a major star ... assuming he continues to choose the right roles.

In what could potentially be his biggest role to date, Krasinski has just signed on to star alongside Renée Zellweger and George Clooney in Leatherheads, Clooney's directorial follow-up to Good Night, and Good Luck. Pic takes us back to the early days of football, back when folks frowned upon it, viewing the game as scandalous and evil. Clooney will play a team owner who recruits a straight-laced college phenom (Krasinski) to come play for him, as the sport slowly gains in popularity. However, when the coach falls in love with his star player's fiancee (Zellweger), all hell breaks loose.

While Clooney has starred in a batch of romantic comedies, this will be his first attempt at directing one -- and one production problem has already surfaced. Leatherheads is supposed to begin shooting this spring, yet Krasinski is busy with office duties until March. Folks are currently looking for a way around this, and one such proposal was to have Krasinski's character from The Office killed off when a stapler accidentally flies across the room and smacks him in the forehead. Just kidding. Or am I?

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