I have an incredible weakness for Richard Linklater. No, scratch that. I have an incredible weakness for his films that revolve around dialogue. The man will try anything. Although I don't think anyone would have thought he would remake Bad News Bears, he did. He's had some mainstream successes, and some that never quite hit a bigger audience. However, he's always got a vision that usually thrives when he gets to speak through a film. Before Sunset had very little to it, but it was a powerful movie all because of the dialogue. Maybe it's his interests in discussion that have led him to discuss his current work.

In the midst of rotoscoping and fast food, Linklater has been working on another film since 2001, which he plans to complete over a 12-year span, wrapping up in 2013. The film, currently called both 12-Year-Movie and Boyhood, will follow the life of a young boy as he grows into a college freshman. However, it's not a documentary, although shot in that style, but a fictional account with one hell of a loyal cast. Ellar Salmon, the boy, is joined by Ethan Hawke (what a surprise!) and Patricia Arquette, who I assume are the divorced parents who are trying to raise their kid.

The Link has definitely decided to throw our expectations -- just when it seemed that he was starting to be repetitive with a Sunrise sequel and second take at rotoscoping. It's an epic idea, which could be monumentally good or bad. I am leaning towards the former, since he had no problem weaving seemingly-random bits together in Slacker when he was just getting started. Will trying to make a feature-length film out of twelve years of footage be any different?
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