Blake Nelson made a big splash with his first novel, Girl. The story of Andrea Marr transcended the gap between avid teen readers and those with novel disinterest. Every girl friend I had who didn't like to read was lent my copy and for many, it was the only non-assigned book they read. As Nelson once said during the writing process, Andrea was morphed from "clueless mall chick" into an observer. It made all the difference even though the Dominique Swain film version was a large serving of clueless, without the satire.

Nelson, the guy who penned a great book-turned-film flop is now seeing Paranoid Park come to life via Gus Van Sant, as Matt Bradshaw previously reported. I'm a bit nervous about this, because while the director has some great films under his belt, he's also the man who ruined Even Cowgirls Get the Blues. To Die For was better, so it's anyone's guess which side of the scale this falls.

Blake, however, seems pretty happy on his blog, where he offers some good behind-the-scenes shots. You can check out Nelson with Chris Doyle, the man who has shot all of Wong Kar Wai's films, different shots of the cast, and some insight into Van Sant's process as a filmmaker. They're observer pictures, and to me, it really makes the difference. If any of you out there are Nelson fans of any form, I'd love to hear what you think of all this. Are you ruing Van Sant's involvement, or wishing that he was the one directed Girl?
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