I have to admit, when I first read the names Tucker and Sarandon together, I had this amusing day dream about Chris Tucker teaming up with Susan Sarandon. The lights would dim, and then a Luhrmanesque explosion of color would soon reveal the pair surrounded by music. He would run around screeching with a strange bouffant while she would croon about her desire for dirty touching. At the end, they would share a passionate embrace, bringing the actress back to her campy roots while giving the actor a new film theme that didn't include cars. Alas, it's just a pipe dream.

Instead, Susan Sarandon and Jonathan Tucker have been added to the cast of In the Valley of Elah, the Paul Haggis-headed film also starring Tommy Lee Jones, Charlize Theron, and Jason Patric. While I was a bit off with the above love scenario, she's still getting an interesting match, playing the wife of Tommy Lee Jones. You might recognize Tucker as one of the obsessive teens watching the Lisbon girls in The Virgin Suicides.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, this won't be a biographical account, but a fictionalized one, where Haggis' screenplay is based on a story he wrote with Mark Boal, the writer of the original article, "Death and Dishonor." I don't know if that means he helped with the original piece, or if they wrote a story based on the article together before Haggis started on the screenplay. It will be interesting to see if he focuses more on the politics of the story, or on the thrilling mystery.
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