With all the hubbub and furor of the holidays I know a lot of people are thinking the same thing I am: "I could sure use a vacation." Am I the only one who finds it ironic that we're all too busy with a holiday to take a vacation? One of film's greatest appeals (though, certainly not the only one) is its ability to function as a vacation of the mind, to let the viewer sit in a darkened theater and check out for ninety minutes or so. This week, Trailer Park takes a holiday.

Mr. Bean's Holiday
The Youtube version of this trailer that Erik Davis mentioned the other day has been taken down, but Movie Box has a much less muddy copy right here. I best remember Rowan Atkinson, not as the mute goofball Mr. Bean, but as Black Adderwhich he played through four series on the BBC. I suppose the Bean character is more accessible to U.S. audiences, but Black Adder had some of the smartest comedy I've ever seen on television, and I find myself hoping that show will make it to the big screen. Anyway, Bean can be a pretty funny character as well, and the trailer shows him on vacation in France being baffled by French cuisine and competing in the Tour de France, seemingly without knowing it.

Off the Black
Indie dramedy with Nick Nolte as an unhappy man approaching senior citizen status. He is without family, so to take a vacation from reality (and bring his former classmates along for the ride) he arranges to have a young man (Trevor Morgan from The Sixth Sense) pose as his son at his 40 year high school reunion. Timothy Hutton also stars. Like the films they promote, trailers like this are a breath of fresh air. No explosions, no special effects, and no over enthusiastic voice over. I want to see this one.