One of the things that couples do is they look for other couples to hang out with. Why? Because men and women aren't crazy about their significant others strolling around town with single folk. So, couples plan activities with fellow couples -- they go to dinner, go bowling, go to a movie -- and it doesn't matter much if they have a ton in common as individuals, they're couples ... that's what counts. Well, Columbia Pictures has snatched up a pitch that places us inside the world of couples, but puts a bit of a spin on it.

Normally, when we see films that focus on couples, they're either breaking up, cheating on one another, complaining about kids, getting pregnant, hiding their love for one another from each others parents ... blah blah blah. However, My Wife Hates Your Wife -- which Will Smith will produce through his Overlook Entertainment alongside partner James Lassiter -- centers around two couples who do everything together until the ladies have a falling out. But, since the men are still good friends, they must now find a way to see each other in secret in order to avoid conflict from their partner. Gina Wendkos (The Princess Diaries) will pen the script, and there's a small chance Will Smith will star ... assuming he likes the script and it includes roles for everyone in his family. Seriously, I'm still waiting for Will Smith's pet fish to show up in a film alongside the Bad Boy. You think I'm joking -- just wait my friends. Just wait.

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