We all know that Woody Harrelson is a bit of an odd character. When not chaining himself to trees, or driving across the country in a hemp-powered bus, Harrelson still manages to work in the odd acting project. Luckily, he has pretty good taste in movies (well, other than The Cowboy Way), and his next project looks to be one of the good ones.

The Hollywood Reporter announced that Harrelson has signed to join the international cast for Brad Anderson's thriller, Trans-Siberian. The film follows an American couple traveling on the famous Trans-Siberian train from Vladivostok to Moscow, who meet another couple that might not be who they seem. So, I'm sure the Strangers on a Train motif of the film will make it chock-full of murders and double-crosses. The cast of the film also includes Samantha Morton as Harrelson's wife, as well as Ben Kingsley who will play a Russian police officer -- not to mention washing off what's left of the taint from Bloodrayne.

The film is being made as a co-production between Spain's Filmax and the German company Universum Film GmbH, and will begin shooting this December. The film is the follow-up to Anderson's The Machinist, which garnered a lot of attention when it hit the festival circuit back in 2004, so I won't be surprised if Trans-Siberian does the same.
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