I have to admit that I'm surprised when I scan Leelee Sobieski, or Liliane Rudabet Gloria Elsveta Sobieski's IMDb profile. Although she sticks out in my head, her resume consists mainly of television appearances and bad or off-the-radar films. I guess that's what happens when you play a teen nymphette on Stanley Kubrick's last film, because I'm quite certain that she's not burned into my brain from Here on Earth.

After a bit of a big screen hiatus and a few television stints, Sobieski has not only returned to film acting with full force, but she's also working behind and in front of the camera by producing and acting in the upcoming horror flick, Acts of Violence. What is more impressive is the film's director, brave newcomer Il Lim, who also wrote the film and stars along with Leelee and the ever-loved Ron Perlman. So, while her film choices don't necessarily inspire cinema confidence, it's got to help that she's with the burly Hellboy.

Violence is set to be a comedic horror about a doctor who wants revenge after his wife is attacked. It seems like a strange premise to add comedy into, but maybe the comedy comes in the form of a Sobieski/Perlman bit of love? With Lim and Sobieski as Flyn and Olivia Che, it seems like he's missing out on the Leelee, but I, for one, would be incredibly amused if the two were paired romantically. If you need more reasons to check out the film, how about Tom Hank's brother, Jim, as Detective Mike?

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