Considering what a fruitcake of a movie The Cell was, it is a bit of a surprise that Tarsem Singh is still directing feature films. The Indian-born director got his start in music videos and commercials, but he is probably best remembered for his video for REM's Losing My Religion. His debut film might have been visually stunning, but that was unfortunately all it had going for it. Singh's second film The Fall was on a much smaller scale than The Cell, but it did get some positive reviews when it screened at the Toronto Film Festival.

Variety has announced that Tarsem Singh has been signed to direct the political thriller Unthinkable for Sidney Kimmel Entertainment. The plot is being kept under wraps with the only detail being provided was that the film would be set in contemporary America. While, it is not exactly the most illuminating information, it helps to remember that when it comes to Tarsem Singh's films, plot isn't always foremost in his mind. Peter Woodward is overseeing a re-write of the original script, and SKE hopes to start production later this year. This movie sounds like a bit of stretch for the director, who is known for surreal and fantastic imagery. If it works, it should be one trippy political flick.

[via Empire Online]