It's funny how Hugh Grant might have started off as the adorably foppish romantic lead, but he has come to fully embrace his potential as the "smarmy jerk" that some of us suspected was lurking underneath all along. Maybe that sounded a little harsh, because lately what we've seen of Grant is the softening of the two extremes in romantic parts with a bit of "edge" -- there's an association you don't to often make, Hugh Grant and "edge". has a look at the poster for Music and Lyrics, a new romantic comedy starring Grant and Drew Barrymore. Grant plays a washed up '80s pop singer who gets the chance for a comeback. Unable to write a song, he finds an unlikely writing partner in Barrymore, who'll be playing one of her many variations of the hot, weird girl. The whole thing sounds predictably cute and fuzzy with maybe a laugh here and there. The comedy back up for the romance includes TV alum Brad Garrett from Everybody Loves Raymond and Kristen Johnston from 3rd Rock from the Sun. The poster itself is kind of plain -- but with romantic comedies, most of them are. Music and Lyrics was written and directed by Marc Lawrence, and the film will be released on the gag-inducing date of February 14th, 2007.
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