Jason Schwartzman has been in some very funny and unusual films during the past few years. I'm particularly fond of his work in the terrific Rushmore, I Heart Huckabees and the recent Marie Antoinette. He's also a talented musician and songwriter, in additional to being an actor -- his former band, Phantom Planet, being one of my favorites. But as much as I like Phantom Planet, I'm glad Schwartzman chose to devote his time to acting instead of music. That way, I can continue to enjoy his work in some new upcoming films.

According to Production Weekly, after Schwartzman finishes up working on Wes Anderson'sThe Darjeeling Limited opposite Owen Wilson and Adrien Brody (which our own Kim wrote about before) he will segue into a co-starring gig opposite Ben Stller in director Todd Louiso'sMarc Please Experience. The film, written by Louiso and Jacob Koskoff, will feature Schwartzman in the title role of Marc Please and as details on the plot are somewhat scarce at the moment, I'll go out on a limb and say that at some point during the film, Schwartzman's character needs to experience something -- perhaps provided or motivated by Stiller's character? And maybe he even needs to face conflict and some sort of crisis that needs to be resolved? Or, something like that.

I may be off on the details, but judging by director Louiso' last film, Love Liza, I expect this new film will be more of an intense drama and less a feel-good comedic romp. Although, his film before that was a comedy short called The Fifteen Minute Hamlet, so I guess anything's possible. No matter what, we'll eventually find out the real story as production on Marc Please Experience is set to begin in March. As always, when more details emerge we'll bring 'em to ya right here at Cinematical.
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