Last month we pointed you towards some footage of Fox Atomic's The Hills Have Eyes 2, and since then we've been treated to an all-new one-sheet (which is pretty cool but nothing too thrilling), but get this: That poster was the second version, one that was slapped together after the MPAA censors refused to approve the initial concept. (I've included a little snip of it on the top-right of this post, but to see the whole thing visit And then feel free to compare the first poster with the one that the MPAA censors DID approve. Notice a big difference?

Yeah, the first poster had a human hand hanging out the back of the bag, whereas said hand has been deleted for the censor-approved one-sheet. This teaches us many fascinating things about the MPAA members:

1. They don't like hands.
2. They really have nothing better to do with their time than make stupid and arbitrary decisions about things they couldn't care less about.
3. They're starting to really piss me off, and no, not because of one silly horror poster. Just in general I mean.

Look, it's a horror movie. The hand on the original poster is kinda creepy, whereas the lack of a hand on the censored poster implies, what, that this mutant just might have had to get up early on trash day to lug some garbage down to the corner? Do the oh-so-admirably-concerned censors believe that by removing that hand from the poster they're protecting millions of extra-sensitive children from something?

Or do they just not like/get horror movies, and so they choose to flex their muscle extra hard when the "low-rent genre fare" is concerned? Meh, I know it's such a minor little thing, but I'm known to get irked at tons of minor little things. And here's a question: If this Hills 2 poster was deemed too harsh for multiplex usage, what would the MPAA do with THIS poster if it were submitted today?
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