David Lynch has wonderfully built up expectation. Bit by tiny, delicious, little bit, pieces of Inland Empire have been revealed. For a while, there was nothing more than vague references by the film's actors and Lynch himself. Nestled in ?ód?, Poland, Lynch wrote the film scene-by-scene, and while everyone kept tight-lipped, there also wasn't much coherent information to share. Loosely, it's the story of two actors set to be lovers on-screen, who fall into bed. Since nothing in a Lynchian world is simple, the pair are calling each other by their casts names, and the line between the character and the actor blurs.

Finally, as the limited release date of December 15 is almost here, a trailer has popped up online. From the beginning eerily-close shot of Grace Zabriskie's large, haunting eyes to the explosion of Badalamenti beats, this trailer is pure David Lynch. Actually, it's like all of his previous art and scenes have come together into a new narrative. There is Dern crying in a similar manner to Laura Palmer's wail on Twin Peaks, a head that is eerily similar to those in Six Men Getting Sick, and a scene of animal-headed people that looks like Industrial Symphony No. 1 thrown onto a Blue Velvet-like set.

Looking at the trailer, I can't imagine a fan not liking the film, if for nothing more than his ability to make every scene look like a piece of art. However, if this isn't up your alley, you might enjoy another Inland Empireclip on YouTube, which has two guys discovering Lynch's bovine marketing strategy. Nothing says Lynch more than his explanation of the cow -- "Cheese is made from milk."