I found it kind of amusing that this Variety article about filmmaker Bob Clark spent a whole lot of time focusing on the fine work he did on Porky's, but neglected to mention that the man also directed Rhinestone, Turk 182!, From the Hip, Loose Cannons, Karate Dog and BOTH editions of Baby freakin' Geniuses!! Then again the article barely mentions Clark's A Christmas Story, which is such a beautiful little holiday comedy that it helps to erase the memory of all those rotten movies I mentioned a few seconds ago.

Nope, this article focuses on (what else?) remakes. As in: The long-discussed and possibly still-happening Porky'sremake that'll be produced by Howard Stern. But wait! There's more! Seemingly discontent with the possibility of helming a Baby Geniuses 3 or Karate Dog 2, Mr. Clark has set his sights on remaking a few of his old horror flicks, namely Deathdream and the amusingly-titled Children Shouldn't Play with Dead Things. I suppose the filmmaker's logic is that, hey, if someone can remake his Black Christmas without his involvement, then he sure as hack can remake some of his lesser-known titles and rake in a few extra nickels of his own.

On the other hand, Clark mentions something about "rapping zombies" in this interview, and that's news that certainly doesn't make me all excited for the Children remake.
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