For the third weekend in a row, Happy Feet took first place at the box office, and for the third weekend in a row Casino Royale was not far behind. Though a ton of folks are questioning its messages and sexual undertones, the animated kiddie flick still managed to take home $17 million; Casino Royale almost topped it, but fell short with only $15 million. Deja Vu ($11 million) looked familiar enough for it to hold onto third place, bringing its total thus far to $44.1 million.

Mixed reviews coupled with a poor (according to me, at least) marketing campaign limited The Nativity Story to a dismal $8 million and third place. Considering the flick opened in 3,183 theaters, those numbers are, well, horrific. Its $8 million is the second lowest in history for a film opening in more than 3,100 theaters -- 1998's The Quest for Camelot still holds top honors in that category with a pitiful $6 million in its debut. And speaking of things that are horrific and dismal, Deck the Halls rounded out the top five with $6.6 million.

As far as this weekend's other wide releases, no one cared much for a bunch of teenage organ donors (even if the scenery looked nice), as Turistas finished eighth with $3.5 million. National Lampoon's Van Wilder sequel, The Rise of Taj, proved that straight-to-DVD probably would have been the safer move -- it barely squeaked into the tenth spot with $2.3 million.

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