Looking to stick with his muse of the moment, Pedro Almodóvar recently suggested that La Piel que habito will be his next film and that there's a good chance Penélope Cruz would star. Cruz also starred in Almodóvar's 1999 pic All About My Mother, as well as this year's Volver. However, since the screenplay isn't finished and schedules still need to be worked out, nothing is currently set in stone.

Piel is the kind of project that's been hovering around the hush hush bin for awhile -- technically, it's based off the 1995 novel Mygale, but Variety tells us only only one scene from the book will make it into the big screen version. Also, it's very different material for Almodóvar -- a man who usually likes to work on personal projects about his life and family -- as it revolves around a plastic surgeon who seeks "hideous revenge" upon the men who raped his daughter. Hideous revenge? Plastic surgeon? Is Almodóvar directing Face Off 2? According to the director himself, the film is "immensely tough and complicated, targeted at select audiences, the kind of film that's discomfiting and doesn't tend to win many awards." Wait, is Almodóvar directing Saw IV? I don't know about you, but I'm dying to see what this one is about -- for a guy that's built a career around a slew of dramedies, this should prove to be a fascinating stretch.

I'd ask if anyone read the novel, but it doesn't seem like the movie will have much to do with it except for the basic plot. Still, feel free to chime in.

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