Child actors seem to get a pass when it comes to adult material. Although a movie might be deemed unsuitable for child audiences, nothing is said of the children who appear in the film. Sure a lot of them use special cuts to make it look like kids are right in the thick of it, when they're not, but that's not always the case. Every time I see a kid in something scary or troublesome, like Miko Hughes in New Nightmare, I wonder how it affects them. Sure, lots of things come into play, and kids can sometimes have more sense than their parents, but the possibility is what scares me. They could handle it well - but what if they don't? Everyone has their triggers, and is it worth the risk?

In July, Erik Davis tapped into a lot of triggers when he posted about rumored graphic scenes in Dakota Fanning's upcoming film, Hounddog. A lot of response centered on the scenes, and a lot tapped into Dakota's mom being proud of the scenes. Personally, the pride reminds me of Childstar, and how eerie and sad it was to see a gaggle of adults treating a confused kid like one of them. Dakota recently talked with CHUD, and has a different spin on the controversial film. According to her, the uproar is just gossip and the film is beautiful.

The response seems a bit too cogent and wrapped in PR-speak for me to totally buy it. But then again, there was that little movie called BrokebackMountain. After incessant buzz about explicit gay sex couldn't be put out by those in the film, it finally aired and showed that it wasn't even half as explicit as rumor had it.

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