Guillermo Del Toro is still not exactly sure what he's going to be doing with Deadman, although he's certainly going to be involved with the DC comic adaptation on some level or another. Right now, he seems lined up to direct the film, which is really a far better scenario than executive producer or something, but not quite as good a scenario as writer/director. Yeah, I'm a Del Toro fanboy. In my opinion, give the man some money, give him a lot of control, and he'll give you a fantastic movie. It looks as though Del Toro will be doing some script work on the film, however. Recent news from Variety tells us Warner Bros. has brought on a relative newcomer named Gary Dauberman to aid Del Toro in scriptwriting -- not sure if this means he's going to write a script for Del Toro to review, or if he's going to punch up a script written by Del Toro, or if the two are going to become buddies and work elbow to elbow at the writing table.

Will Dauberman be a good addition to the creative team? Who knows. But keep this in mind -- the man earned his spot on the team with a "western zombies" script he put together, not with some cheesy romance or comedy flick. Granted, we have no way of knowing if the script was any good, but at least it is in the right ball park. And I can't imagine Del Toro would have accepted a writing partner if he weren't impressed, right?
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