Wow, how the time flies. You only have until midnight PST tomorrow -- that's Tuesday, December 5 -- to get your funniest caption entry in for our beertastic Beerfest Unrated DVD Giveaway. I'm sure you've slept since then, so go back to the contest page and reread the rules, and then enter your entry in the comments. Do NOT enter your caption in this post, or it will not be considered. Enter the contest here. Right HERE.

Give it your best shot -- we have a fantastic prize package for you:

1 Completely, Totally Unrated Beerfest DVD

1 Navy Blue Bottle Opener Hat (Everyone who has seen this wants it!)

1 Black "Schnitzengiggle Tavern" Tee

1 Beer Mug Glasses (The kind you wear!)

1 Beautiful Beer Stein with Domed Lid

1 Alcohawk ™ Personal Breathalyzer (This is real and high-end.)

Four runners-up will win Beerfest Unrated DVDs. Pretty cool prize package, eh? So go enter the contest now for your chance to win!