It seems you wonderful Cinematical readers can't get enough of those Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's Endnews and pictures. (Really, neither can I) So, to help you out until the film hits theaters on May 25 of next year, we've got a few more pics from the film for you that just hit the 'net -- courtesy of Coming Soon(Via

These latest snaps feature the film's stars, Johnny Depp, Geoffrey Rush and the beautiful Keira Knightly, dressed in cool asian-influenced outfits and doing important things like standing, walking and staring into the distance knowingly. There's also one of Knightly in a rather attractive hat as well as one with her being really persuasive and making her point particularly well. I gotta say, I like the outfits. And nobody walks, stands and stares into the distance like Johnny Depp -- he's just that good. These images defiantly pique my interest for the next installment of the franchise.

If I had to guess at the origin of these pictures, I would say that a couple look like wardrobe and make-up stills for continuity and the others were most-likely taken with a cell phone camera during actual filming. Still, whatever their origin, these kinds of leaks (called "viral marketing" by marketing types) can only help increase the film's success when it comes out. Not that it really needs the help. Enjoy the pics. When we get more, you'll be the first to know.

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