While it might not be the most interesting of topics to some, two new films on the same subject are gearing up to battle it out Capote style for a chance to be the first in theaters. In one corner we have Intellectual Properties Worldwide and Zen Haze Prods. who have just tapped Randall Miller to direct Bottle Shock, based off Ross Schwartz's screenplay. Pic will focus on the 1976 Paris Tastings where California wines seemingly came out of nowhere to beat the French. No, we won't get an actual battle with thousands of troops running towards each other, bottles of red and white in hand. Instead, there's a good chance of seeing a crop full of snobbish snots, their noses stuck deep inside each glass, with lots of twirling and note taking. Killer! Casting will begin early next year with an eye to shoot over the summer.

In the other corner we have a little privately financed indie based off George M. Tabor's Judgement of Paris. Robert Mark Kamen has been hired to adapt, with Clark Peterson (Monster) and Elizabeth Fowler set to produce. And yes, this project also focuses on the 1976 Paris Tastings -- apparently, a critical event in the history of California wine. No word on how far along Judgement is, though there's a chance they'll both be filming at the same time. Having learned everything I know about wine from the film Sideways (yes, I'm that guy), all I want to know is whether or not Paul Giamatti will play a part. God, I loved him and his little Pinot Noir fetish in that film. "I am NOT drinking any f**king Merlot!" Classic stuff.

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