The success of Charlie's Angels seemed to send the film industry into a flurry of television remakes. There's Miami Vice, Starsky & Hutch, and the upcoming CHiPs. They provide a little bit of nostalgia for the older folks, and action for the younger folks, even though some take themselves a bit too seriously, like a certain Crockett and Tubbs. However, this latest batch of remake news has nothing to do with television, and seemingly nothing to do with common sense either.

According to Moviehole, Short Circuit is on its way to a remake. You remember the little guy in that picture, right? This run-of-the-mill robot gets zapped with juice and magically becomes intelligent, with emotions and a personality. It had Steve Guttenberg before he liked kids a little too much on Veronica Mars, Ally Sheedy after her Breakfast Club makeover, and Fisher Stevens before he became an insane hacker working for The Man.

What I think I fear more than anything is that the film would take the Miami Vice route. I can see it now -- instead of a quirky little robot, Number 6 would be a saucy cyborg who gets zapped, grows a heart, and gives birth to Janey 6, a woman fighting to live her life as a robot while she falls for some attractive man who helps her. Then again, there is also talk of some of the original people being involved, so maybe there's nothing more ridiculous than a movie set in 2007, with an 80's robot and a bunch of actors who were popular twenty years ago.

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