It's an interesting concept that could help bolster a film's overall gross -- except, of course, when that film is called Van Wilder 2: The Rise of Taj. Over the past month or so, Kal Penn teamed up with musical talents (Art Alexaskis of Everclear and Jonny Dubrowsku of Johnny Lives!) found on the The Rise of Taj soundtrack and toured college campuses, as well as radio and television stations, in an attempt to drum up interest in the new pic. While they should be commended for putting so much effort into what amounts to be a film that slipped past the direct-to-DVD cracks and actually managed a theatrical release, this tour did not help the flick's box office numbers in its opening weekend; it finished in tenth place with a measly $2.3 million. Hmm, I wonder if their bong-smoking target audience forgot all about it?

However, this college campus promotional tour gave folks the swell idea to create a concert tour featuring bands on the soundtrack, and it will be called -- drum roll please -- the Van Wilder Rock Tour! Headlining will be Everclear and Jonny Lives!, with the 12-date tour beginning at some point in January and lasting through the end of February. While no other acts have signed on yet, other bands featured on the pic's soundtrack include Buckcherry, Alternate Routes and Hanson. (Man, those three blonde boys are still making music?) Although it wasn't said, I take it the tour will coincide with the film's DVD release, perhaps going so far as to give people coupons for the DVD or bribe them to buy it. Oh, and they'll have to work in clips from the movie at some point during the show -- perhaps the audience will be bombarded with Kal Penn shtick in between sets.

What do you think -- is this something you'd like to see more of? If so, would a concert with members of a film's soundtrack persuade you to see the actual film, or not so much?