The only thing that might be iffier than doing a sequel to a beloved movie would be whipping up a prequel. Instead of seeing the characters you've grown to love in new scenarios, you have to buy into someone else playing the characters. Sure, it can give great depth or explanation to how someone came to be what they are, but if the original is done right, it leaves some large shoes to fill. You not only have to believe that this is the younger version of the character, but that this performance can manifest into what's to come.

Although Silence of the Lambs follow-ups never reached the original's success, moviemakers continue to explore the world of Hannibal Lecter, as is the case with the latest prequel installment, Hannibal Rising. Erik Davis reported in October that AICN had a brief test screening review up that considered the film riveting. Now, some pictures of the young Hannibal Lecter are out, and I'm starting to fall into the James Bond/Daniel Craig conundrum, but even moreso.

Rope of Silicon has a number of new Lecter pictures up, and unfortunately, they're making me giggle instead of squirm. The two that I find chilling are the ones with other actors in the shot. When I see Gaspard Ulliel trying to look serious and haunting with his leather jacket and wine, it just seems a bit silly. What do you think? Do you find the pictures embody the Lecter creepiness, or does it just look like a kid trying on his dad's big shoes?

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