I don't know what to make of Luc Besson. I first became aware of the director in college after seeing his action-classic La Femme Nikita. In fact, that film was one of the first ones I purchased on DVD when I got a DVD player. Then, he went on to direct the nearly-as-impressive The Professional and The Fifth Element -- featuring the exquisite Milla Jovovich as the perfect woman (inspired casting, IMHO). I liked those films but I didn't love them as much as I loved La Femme Nikita. And please, don't even get me started on The Messenger: The Story of Joan of Arc. Man, what happened there?

Anyway, Besson continued to direct a few more films after The Messenger -- including Angel-A and the upcoming children's live-action/cgi film Arthur and the Minimoys (which our own Monika wrote about previously). However, for some reason -- declining popularity, critical drubbing, boredom, being French -- Besson announced that he was retiring from directing now that he's basically finished with his latest film. Cut to today because it seems he may have had second thoughts and that the rumors of his retirement may have been "exaggerated."

According to Production Weekly, Besson would consider a return to directing if his film Arthur and the Minimoys does well. Provided that the film is a success, Besson would begin adapting the second book of the series Arthur and the Forbidden City for the screen with an anticipated start of shooting as early as June of next year. I don't know, this sort of smells of desperation, doesn't it? Sure, its up to him if he wants to retire. But either do it or don't do it. And either way, don't hang it on the audience and try to make them feel guilty or something if you stay retired because your film doesn't do well. If you do that, you just end up sounding like a whiner who can't make up his mind. And really, nobody likes a whiner.
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