I bet some stickler out there will post a comment reminding me that Eddie Murphy: Delirious was an HBO concert film and NOT a theatrical release, and therefore I should not be posting about it on Cinematical, which is a movie blog. By that logic I could legally post about Eddie Murphy: Raw, which opened theatrically on December 18, 1987 and went on to gross just over $40 million in domestic box office, even if it was only half as funny as Murphy's first concert flick.

But I'm so excited I just don't care! Eddie Murphy: Delirious is finally coming to DVD! One of the most popular and oft-quoted concert films of my generation, Delirious was the subject of much online gossip over the years. "Murphy bought the rights and will never let it show up on DVD" was the rumor most often floated about -- and I'll admit I started to get a little worried for a while there.

But now it looks like Entertainment Studios / Starz / Anchor Bay has the DVD locked and ready to roll. Delirious will hit the shelves on February 6 and the DVD will come complete with interview segments and some deleted scenes! Cool! So while it's true that Delirious contains some truly off-color material and a few AIDS jokes that seem more than a little cringe-worthy these days, this concert is an absolute classic -- and one I cannot wait to add to my collection.

[Thanks to DavisDVD.com for the press release!]
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