Whatever you may have thought of him as president of the United States, in the years since he was in office, President Jimmy Carter has certainly become one of this country's most vocal, influential and distinguished elder-statesman. His tireless pursuits of truth, justice and, yes, the American way are an example to us all -- Democrat or Republican. Obviously, Oscar-winning director Johnathan Demme thinks Carter is pretty great too because, according to The Hollywood Reporter, he's in the midst of helming a documentary about the Georgia-born ex-President.

The documentary, produced by Participant Productions, the company responsible for the compelling An Inconvenient Truth, featuring former Vice President Al Gore, has been following Carter across the U.S. to bookstores, talk shows and Wal-Marts as Carter tours the country promoting his newest book Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid. In addition, the documentary will feature Carter speaking on how to achieve peace in the Middle East and his philosophy of human compassion for all people. According the the article, Demme has been taking an "experimental" approach with the doc to enhance its appeal and emphasizing spontaneity over the more traditional "talking heads" method used in many documentaries. Plus, he's just a big fan of Carter's. "The picture is just an extraordinary honor for me. i loved Carter when he was President and I've loved him more and more since he left office. He makes me so proud to be an American, " said Demme in the article.

And Participant Productions Exec VP Diane Weyermann, who's overseeing the project for the company, was equally as flattering to the former President -- and her director: "Jimmy Carter embodies a determined sense of justice and a devout faith, grounded in tolerance and driven by a fierce desire for world peace," Weyermann said. "Jonathan Demme is a filmmaker of immense vision who will be able to marry the intimate portraiture of 'Heart of Gold' to the political savvy of 'The Agronomist' and advance his series of 'portrait docs' with a subject so worthy of further examination." If this doc turns out even half as interesting, informative and compelling as An Inconvenient Truth, Demme just might have to make some room on his bookshelf come Oscar time. I'll be seeing it, how about you?
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