Not for nothing, but Patrick Dempsey has had one odd career and, funnily enough, his heartthrob status has officially come full circle. He began as a teenage heartthrob in films like Can't Buy Me Love and Loverboy. After a somewhat failed attempt at dramatic action in Run and Mobsters, Dempsey found himself lost in a series of random TV gigs -- all of which could be summed up by using the title of a 1997 TV show he starred in called Odd Jobs. However, a new decade brought forth a career revival for Dempsey, which began with a role in Scream 3 and continued with small stints on the shows Will & Grace and The Practice. Now, the ex-teenage heartthrob is thriving in the best role of his career -- Dr. Derek Shepherd (aka Dr. McDreamy) on Grey's Anatomy. Twenty years later, the heartthrob is back.

Now, a slew of new doors are opening for Dempsey -- he's currently starring opposite Hilary Swank in Freedom Writers, as well as alongside Amy Adams and Susan Sarandon in Enchanted. And, Variety tells us the dude has just landed the lead role in Columbia Pictures' Made of Honor, a romantic comedy that will find Dempsey playing a guy who's asked by his dream girl to be her maid of honor. In what sounds a little bit like My Best Friend's Wedding, Dempsey's character feels the only way to win her over is to accept the invitation to join her wedding. Personally, I've always been a big fan of Dempsey (I remember sneaking downstairs as a kid to watch Can't Buy Me Love, afraid my parents would be upset I was watching a flick that contained adult content), and wish him all the best.

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