Hey there kids, we've got an exclusive first look at three character posters from Lionsgate's upcoming animated fairy tale, 'Happily N'Ever After.' The film follows the romantic misadventures of an almost-princess named Ella (Sarah Michelle Gellar), whose wicked stepmother (Sigourney Weaver) banishes her from the castle and foils her budding relationship with a lame-o prince fittingly named Humperdink. With the help of lowly dishwasher Rick (Freddie Prinze Jr.), Ella tries to make her way back to her sweet, sweet prince -- but realizes that her knight in shining armor might be the guy who soaps the grease off her pans (not a euphemism, honestly).

But I digress, below find the three character posters, one of an Ogre, one of a Pig and the final one of ... Rumplestiltskin himself. Simply click on each image for a larger version. Enjoy!

Happily N'Ever After Ogre bannerHappily N'Ever After Pig banner

Happily N'Ever After Rumplestiltskin banner

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