By the time I got on the internet in 1995, there was already a bunch of fan sites. I remember the first movie I ever downloaded that year. A My So-Called Life fan had posted the brief Buffalo Tom-serenaded clip of holding Angela's hand. It was maybe a few inches wide, grainy as all hell, and took about an hour to download. As things have sped up, you can now get a whole episode in half that time, a bunch of hi-res pictures, sound clips and more -- and studios aren't happy. It's just like mix tapes. No one batted an eyelash about them, but now that you can get a mix CD or mp3 collection, uproar ensues.

It seems Rogue Pictures has their answer to fan sites -- they are doing their own. A "fan site" for Balls of Fury has now been published. It is in its beginning stages now, as it only offers a trailer and mailing list. However, the website claims that behind-the-scenes photos, filmmaker blogs, cast and crew chats and more are supposed to follow. So really, it's no different than making a website for the film, but they're choosing to call it a "fan site." Are they trying to re-imagine the meaning as "an official site for fans"? Whatever the case may be, the site does host the trailer that Scott Weinberg shared with us a month ago. No matter what the studio plans to do, it's hard to tarnish the Dracula-esque Christopher Walken as Feng.

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