Not much is known about Harold and Kumar 2, besides the fact that the boys get in trouble whilst trying to carry a bong on board a flight to Amsterdam. Well, for those interested in learning a bit more about their upcoming adventure, Moviehole has obtained a top secret super special casting call sheet. Oh yes, tell me you're not dying to see who will be starring opposite Kal Penn and John Cho. Well, we don't know their names, but we do know their characters' names and descriptions. And that should be enough to hold you off until a trailer finally leaks out. Keep in mind the following info does contain SPOILERS. You've been warned.

Apparently, Harold and Kumar will be taking a trip down south, as well as to Guantanamo Bay. And, it appears as if they'll be going from Miami to Texas, driving through trailer parks, inner city basketball games and, unfortunately, running into a few KKK members. Yes, they're also looking for someone to play President George W. Bush -- I imagine the boys want to convince him they're not terrorists, just heavy pot smokers. Harold and Kumar's parents are also in the film -- when we first meet Kumar's mom, she's "getting it on" with his dad. (That's a nice visual.) And, while Harold's parents speak flawless English, an interpreter insists on translating every word that comes out of his father's mouth. (That could get irritating, let's hope this joke doesn't overplay itself.) For a full list of character descriptions, head on over to Moviehole. Harold and Kumar Go to Hicksville (that's my title, not theirs) will debut at some point in 2008.

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