The first part of the Player 5150 recipe was two actors who made names for themselves among the teen demographic in the 90's, as Jessica Barnes recently reported. One was Ethan Embry, who went from the goofy, stoned Mark in Empire Records to becoming the poetic heartthrob Presten Meyers in Can't Hardly Wait, the film with all the Buffy actors and soon-to-be Six Feet Under stars. The other was Kathleen Robertson, who followed a stint on 90210 with a tri-relationship and time as an acerbic paralyzed girl.

Now added to the mix is Kelly Carlson. This isn't the girl who won big on American Idol (that was Kelly Clarkson). This is Kimber Henry, Dr. Troy's former-model, porn star and drug addict girlfriend who has found God on Nip/Tuck. She will star as the femme fatale assistant-with-benefits of a bookie played by Christopher McDonald, who you most likely remember as Happy Gilmore's nemesis, Shooter McGavin. Apparently, the title refers to a code used for "illegal gamblers who are in distress." I assume that 5150 is used as the code for Embry, the trader who gets in over his head with high-stakes gambling.

It is Carlson's job to collect the debt. However, The Hollywood Reporter reports that the bookie also wants to keep her from the violence of the business before discovering that she's good at it. I'm not quite sure how that goes together, but maybe he finds out she can hold her own before he sends her out there. Otherwise, it seems a bit contradictory.

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