As an insatiable horror freak, I maintain a strong affection for both Lionsgate and, so imagine my delight when the two combined for a tantalizing peek at next year's horror slate! Yep, it seems that does a "horror preview" for each studio every December -- and they logically chose Lionsgate as the first distributor to earn a few spotlights. Nobody snatches up grass-roots film-fest horror titles like Lionsgate does, and I can personally assure you that a good portion of the upcoming genre flicks are actually quite good! Well, a few of 'em, anyway...

Aside from the well-established and obvious titles (like Hostel: Part 2 and Saw 4), Lionsgate will unleash a virtual torrent of horror-style offerings next year. Not to steal any thunder from the boys (cuz they've done a fine job with their research!), but here's how I break down next year's LG offerings:

  • Borderland -- Sean Astin and Rider Strong star in a tale of human sacrifice. I know next to nothing about this one.
  • Boy Eats Girl -- Been waiting a while for this one. Love the title.
  • Bug -- Saw it at Fantastic Fest -- and was really surprised by how much I liked it. This Shannon guy is a force of nature.
  • Catacombs -- Wow, I almost forgot about this one! It's been sitting on a shelf for what, three years?
  • The Eye -- Another Asian horror remake, this one allegedly starring Jessica Alba. Pass.
  • Fido -- All the Cine-staffers who saw it agree: Fido is fun!
  • Isolation -- Saw it at Toronto '05! And I definitely look forward to seeing it again. It's creepy.
  • Right at Your Door -- Missed it at Sundance. Heard mixed things. Dig the concept.
  • Skinwalkers -- Another one that's been "coming soon" for quite some time now. Still fairly psyched to see it...

(And this isn't including the deluge of After Dark Horrorfest titles that LG is releasing (to DVD) next March! Or their as-yet-undetermined parade of low-low-end DTV titles. Heh)
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