Fresh off his stint on the venerable soap General Hospital, and appearances in films such as End Game with Cuba Gooding, Jr. and Home of the Brave opposite super-hot Jessica Biel and my man Samuel L. Jackson, young up-and-comer Brian Presley is poised to land a new role -- starring with Robert De Niro and rapper 50 Cent in the thriller Microwave Park(which our own Erik wrote about before) -- at least according to a recent Production Weekly article.

The film, directed by Tim Hunter and scripted by Eugine Hess, centers on a cop (played by De Niro) who thinks his partner died during Hurricane Katrina. Later, he discovers this is false information and that his partner, a cop accused of corruption, was actually murdered. After he finds this out, De Niro's character decides to investigate the case even though his bosses are not very happy about it. To further complicate things, he's assigned a new partner (played by 50 Cent) and as the two begin to investigate, and decide if they can really trust each other, they soon find themselves neck-deep in a conspiracy that involves police corruption and even more murders.

As much as this sounds like a pretty interesting story, I just have to wonder about 50 Cent's acting ability. Sure, there are rappers who've successfully made the transition -- Will Smith, Ice Cube, Mos Def and Ludacris being prime examples -- but that doesn't mean every rapper needs to start an acting career. Unfortunately, after seeing 50 Cent's work in Get Rich or Die Tryin' I have to say that I don't hold out much hope -- after all, in that film, he had trouble playing himself. But hey, maybe he'll surprise us all. It could happen. Besides, whatever happens with 50 Cent, I'm sure it won't take away from the stellar work Brian Presley will do in the film -- and that De Niro isn't so bad either. Production on Microwave Park (or whatever it ends up being called) is set to begin on January 15th in New Orleans and Shreveport, LA.
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