There are probably a good deal of you out there who read this headline and thought to yourself "Who the heck is Pepper Potts?" I'm sure most of the readers who regularly check Cinematical for geek news are familiar with the girl, but for those of you who check it for the other 95% of our content, we'll give you a quick filler. Pepper Potts showed up as Tony Stark's (that's Iron Man) secretary back in the 60s, and had a mad crush on the man for years before eventually marrying* a guy named Happy Hogan, who was both an employee and friend of Stark/Iron Man.

So really, the short answer to the question of "Who is Pepper Potts?" as she relates to cinema is probably "The love interest and main female lead for Jon Favreau'sIron Man flick." This means the part is likely a hot commodity, because superhero flicks are all the rage, and everyone wants in on them these days. Iron Man may not be Spider-Man, but the title certainly carries a fair amount of prestige and has a shot at being quite a successful flick. As the title of this post obviously indicates, Rachel McAdams is rumored to be the lead horse (probably a poorly chosen metaphor) in the race right now. Does she want the part? Who knows. But the part seems to want her, as Latino Review reports she has been offered an exclusive read-through on the script for her immediate attention. Opinions?

*And there's a whole story in their relationship as well.
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