Wow, this one seemed to have come out of nowhere -- our friend Richard over at Filmstalker reports that Robin Williams just told Edith Bowen from BBC's Radio 1 that he will not be starring in a Mrs. Doubtfire 2. Say what now? But I thought he was already attached -- heck, we all assumed the sequel would be coming out sometime next year. I mean, last we heard from Williams on the subject, he was even talking up a Mrs. Doubtfire 3, claiming there were "plenty of adventures left for her." What in the world happened?

According to Filmstalker, Williams said something along the lines of "if it's not done right, it's not worth doing." But in the same interview, he also noted that the character would come back one day, just not now and not in this form. Well, that's a bummer. Not only for us, but for 20th Century Fox -- the first film grossed a whopping $440 million worldwide -- and so I imagine some peeps were really looking forward to a huge payday from the sequel. Based on Williams' comments, it appears as if Bonnie Hunt's script was not up to par -- perhaps she was going in a direction that Williams didn't feel comfortable with. Regardless, I'm sure a lot of you are upset about this news? Me? I don't care much for Bonnie Hunt or her writing -- yeah, Life with Bonnie wasn't exactly at the top of my "Must Watch TV" list. So maybe this is a good thing. Or bad. You tell me ...

[via Movie Blog]

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