It isn't all that often we hear news about putting music to movies. Usually, there is some form of announcement "composer so and so has been signed for this film," and if it happens to be a big name we all nod appropriately. Then we hear nothing about it again until the movie premieres; after all, our time is all taken up discussing the actors and directors and such. This makes a lot of sense, because we can see the daily progress in many films, but most composers don't bother to share daily updates with the world on the musical end of things. Today is a special day by these standards, because we've got two bits of superhero movie soundtrack related news in one post. Feel the excitement ripple!

First, Marvel's biggest cinematic swinger, Spider-Man. The official blog insists Danny Elfman is indeed working on the score for the film alongside Chris Young, despite people telling us Elfman was a goner. If he's a goner, he's the most productive goner in some time. Meanwhile, DC's biggest slugger (argue about Superman if you want) is apparently in the rock business these days. According to BOF, readers are telling them the rock band Saliva is in the business of pitching songs for the new film. Check out BOF's coverage of the rumors for more detail.
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