Idiocracy DVDI've heard more rumors about Idiocracy than any other film this year. The Mike Judge-directed movie had a surprisingly limited release in September -- perhaps because it was considered unmarketable by Fox, or perhaps because Judge and Twentieth Century Fox had a dispute and the release was merely for contractual obligations. No one knows, and Judge isn't talking. And I heard a rumor that the movie might not even get a DVD release, because Fox wanted to wash its hands of the film. I saw the movie twice when it played in Austin, and I thought that it would be stupid not to release the movie on DVD. It's far from perfect, but it's full of enjoyable gags that could lead to a cult following similar to that for Judge's previous film, Office Space.

Perhaps Fox agrees with me, because this morning I found out that Idiocracy is scheduled for a January 9 DVD release. I noticed that the DVD cover art (partially shown above) is very different from the original movie poster from Idiocracy, and I actually find it an improvement. It's probably intended to appeal to the Office Space crowd, especially since the cover also says "From the creator of Office Space, Mike Judge." The DVD looks pretty bare-bones in terms of features: the only listed special feature so far is a set of five deleted scenes. My guess would be that the deleted scenes are the ones that Judge was unable to finish with the necessary special effects because of budget constraints: the scene at the Liberry of Congress, and maybe even the National Fart Museum. Did you really expect a commentary track from Mike Judge, or a featurette on why the movie didn't get a wide release? I feel lucky that we're getting a DVD at all, and thankful that the rest of the country will get a chance to see the movie. Will it tank on DVD, or will Judge fans walk around saying, "Welcome to Costco, I love you!" and making naughty jokes about Starbucks lattes? I'm hoping for the latter.
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