There must have been an editorial policy at Marvel Comics back in the 60s that required nearly all their super hero comics to start with a catchy descriptive word. There was The Amazing Spider-man, The Uncanny X-Men, The Incredible Hulk, and, of course, The Invincible Iron Man. While the first three have trimmed their somewhat wordy titles for the big screen, it does my heart good to see that Marvel Entertainment's direct-to-DVD Invincible Iron Man feature will arrive with its adjective intact on January 23.

Superhero Hype reports that the animated film's official website has been launched, and while content is kind of sparse at the moment, there is a rather cool trailer as well as an image gallery. The feature seems similar to the Ultimate Avengers DVD features (the first of which I thought was pretty cool), but has a visual style that is all its own. Iron Man's origin is updated for the twenty-first century, placing the story in China where Tony Stark, the man who will become the Armored Avenger, is using his wealth and resources to raise an ancient city. Something goes wrong and Stark must use his modern technology to battle ancient magic. In the comics 'ol Shell Head's armor has had more face lifts than Michael Jackson and Liz Taylor combined, and I'm pleased to see at least three designs in the trailer: original gray and clunky, all gold and not quite as clunky, and the red and gold design which has been evolving for years.

News of the big budget Iron Man film starring Robert Downey Jr. is rolling in all the time (check out Mark Beall's most recent post on the subject). Hopefully the animated feature will hold us fans until the live action movie hits theaters.