I have to admit that I'm a pretty big fan of the original Stargatefilm. Sure, there are one or two cringe-worthy moments -- particularly the one where the "mentally challenged" guy tries to run to safety in glorious slo-mo during a firefight but instead, gets blown up. I'm sorry, but that sequence made me chuckle instead of cry. It was just so much unexpected cheese --- almost as if it came from another movie. I know, cynical and jaded, right? Yeah, that's me. Other than that, and one or two minor issues, the film was a solid piece of Sci-Fi / Action filmmaking that I've watched several more times and continue to enjoy.

I found it a little strange that no sequel to the film was ever produced. Maybe it was too hard to get Kurt Russell and James Spader in the same room? For whatever reason, the producers of the film decided that the interests of the story and the fans would better be served on television -- and thus, Stargate SG-1 the TV series was born. After its debut, the series became a monster hit lasting eight seasons so far and spawning a spin-off of its own called Stargate: Atlantis. And that pretty much brings us up to date on the world of Stargate. That is, until actor Beau Bridges recently let slip some details concerning developments in the Stargate world.

According to our buddies over at Coming Soon, Bridges, while at the premiere of Steven Soderberg's The Good German, was asked what's in the future for the long-running Stargate SG-1 series. His answer: movies. According to Bridges: "They're talking about doing a couple of movies. I haven't actually signed on the dotted line, but there is talk about it." As you may know, Bridges plays Major General Hank Landry on Stargate SG-1, so it makes sense that he would probably know at least some details concerning any future theatrical plans for the current series. According to Bridges, he hasn't actually seen a script yet but when asked if the scripts were finished, he said: "Yes, I think they must be. Yes." So Stargate fans, if you've been waiting for the franchise's glorious return to the silver screen, you just may get you wish.
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