Even though uber-producer Neil Moritz was supposedly wooing Jamie Foxx for his upcoming big-screen adaptation of the Marvel Superhero Luke Cage (a character, movie trivia buffs, actor NicolasCoppola took his stage name from), Foxx had always been keeping his feelings to himself and not letting his interest, or lack thereof, slip out. Well, according to a recent article over at IESB, Foxx is apparently not keeping his thoughts to himself any longer. Ok, I know, I won't keep you in suspense -- he's not interested in the role.

According to the article, Foxx was asked about the role of Luke Cage, a man who went to prison for a crime he didn't commit and was later given superhuman strength and titanium-like skin through an experimental procedure, while out on the road doing press and promoting his upcoming film Dreamgirls. His answer? "I don't think [it will happen]." So, if your ultimate dream was for Foxx to play Cage in a big-budget Hollywood extravaganza your dream has now been crushed. Glad I could help.

So, now that Foxx is seemingly out of the picture, who ever will Moritz get to replace him? Well, as I often do, I have a couple of suggestions. One choice would be the guy who currently has the slot at the IMDB page for the film -- Tyrese Gibson. I like him and think he would probably do a pretty good job. However, I'm really impressed with what Leonard Roberts is doing as D.L on NBC's Heroes. Plus, he was very good as boxer Joe Louis in the film Joe and Maxso I think he could definitely pull off playing Nick Cage. No matter who it ends up being, i just gotta say for the record that I'm glad its not going to be Jamie Foxx. Sorry if that offends any Jamie Foxx fans out there but he does nothing for me. Besides, Roberts needs a big break and I hope he gets it.

What do you guys think? Who should be Luke Cage?
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