Ready or not, Ghost Rider is on the way. Personally, I'm still looking forward to the flick, despite my generally negative attitude and very low expectations. It'll probably be another Elektra, but who knows ... maybe we'll get lucky. And if nothing else, once it is in cinemas I'll be able to stop writing about the sucker. Unless, of course, they start thinking sequels. Nah. Until then, however, I am obligated as your geek beat writer to bring you the latest in Ghost Rider news.

First, the official blog has been updated with a brand new poster. Yes, it is loading in a media player and not an image viewer. That's because it is a lenticular poster. For those of you who've never needed to know the word "lenticular" before now, it means the poster has changing artwork. Weee! It starts with Johnny Blaze's (Nic Cage) face, and turns into the flaming skull. It actually is sorta cool, in a geeky way.

Second, Sony has finally got around to launching a full, official website. It has everything you'd expect from a movie website: character bios, movie trailers, a synopsis, downloadable computer media and little online games. Seriously, I want to meet the guy (or girl) who has Nic Cage as Ghost Rider buddy icon. If you're really that into the Rider, wouldn't you probably want a classic comic book image of him?
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