Your life is going along pretty good. You're running a major film studio and seemingly doing a great job with it. In fact, you're one of the people responsible for the juggernaut known as the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise which has brought millions (or even billions) to your studio. So, after all that, how do your bosses reward you? Well, since it's Hollywood, of course you get canned.

Such was the life of former Walt Disney Motion Picture Group honcho Nina Jacobson six months ago. And yes, you could feel sorry for her and I'm sure some people did. It was pretty lousy of Disney to let her go that way but then again, they seem to be doing a lot of that lately. However, don't feel too bad for her now because, according to The Hollywood Reporter, Jacobson has managed to land on her feet -- and in a three-year, first-look producing deal with DreamWorks.

According to the article, the deal, which goes into effect in January, will be a "homecoming" for the former Disney boss because she used to be a senior film exec at DreamWorks prior to taking the job at Disney in 1998. About her time at Disney and her newly minted deal, Jacobson said: "I feel very lucky to be able to bring all that I have learned over the past eight years back to DreamWorks as a producer. There is no one for whom I have greater respect or affection than (CEO) Stacey (Snider), (production head) Adam (Goodman) and Steven Spielberg. They have created a culture at DreamWorks that values talent and candor and I am honored to be able to contribute to their slate." Spoken like a true producer. She'll be just fine. Now if I can just get her to read one of my scripts.
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