It looks like Lena Headey isn't resting on the inevitable buzz from her work as Queen Gorgo in the highly anticipated 300 to make her a familiar face to moviegoers. Not only does Headey have a part in the upcoming Spartan green-screen epic, but she also has four other films on their way to the big screen. Another high profile project for Headey will be her turn as Sarah Connor in the TV series The Sarah Connor Chronicles, based on The Terminator films. Variety reports that Headey will star in the new psychological thriller from Sean Ellis, The Broken. Ellis is a relative newcomer, but has already received an Oscar nomination last year for his short film Cashback. The Broken is Ellis' second full-length feature, and considering that Ellis is only 36, I think he still has some time to beef up his resume.

The film is about a woman (Headey) who is involved in a horrible car crash, and while that alone isn't enough to invoke the willies; the hook is that the other driver in the accident appears to be her double. Headey leads an international cast that includes Richard Jenkins, Michelle Duncan and Asier Newman. The Broken is being produced by French production heavy Gaumont and is currently shooting in London for a 2008 release.

[via Empire Online]
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