And you thought he was done with all those sharks. Chris Kentis, who helmed Open Water (but not the stupid sequel) and subsequently convinced some people never to go scuba diving ever again, has signed on to direct Indianapolis, an adaptation of Douglas Stanton's book In Harm's Way. Kentis will once again be teaming up with Open Water producer Laura Lau to finally bring the horrific real-life story to the big screen.

Some of you might remember the Indianapolis story from Jaws -- back in WWII, the U.S.S. Indianapolis sunk due to an attack from a Japanese sub. Of the 900 men on board, most of whom floated at sea for five grueling days, only 317 were found -- while the rest, well, there's a reason why they call them shark-infested waters. Warner Bros. has been dying (no pun intended) to get this project off the ground; at one point Mel Gibson was going to star, with Barry Levinson directing. Unlike Open Water (which had us right next to those two for almost the entire film while they desperately searched for a way to survive), Indianapolis will focus more on backstory, why no one answered the distress call and how the stranded military men were eventually found ... by accident. However, I'm sure they'll come a point where someone gets eaten by a shark -- I mean, that's the fun part, right?

An interesting note on Kentis: He was vacationing in Thailand when the Tsunami hit in 2004, and somehow managed to escape along with this wife and child. Does this dude attract danger or what?

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