I'm not entirely convinced the world was waiting with bated breath for the upcoming horror film Primeval, but it looks like the movie is on it's way. Back in February, Martha Fischer gave us the heads up on this crowning achievement of storytelling about a news team, some warlords, and a killer crocodile named Gustave. It just goes downhill from there, really, I'm speechless. The flick seemed tailor-made to die a quiet death and make its way to its rightful place in the DVD bargain bin, but it looks like that is not to be.

Ain't it Cool news has the first look at the poster for the upcoming horror flick starring Dominic Purcell of Prison Break fame and Orlando Jones. Noticeably absent from the poster are any images of crocodiles or warlords, but it does have a boatload of skulls, so at least they seem to be promising some carnage. Other than a double bill with Dimension Film's upcoming crocodile flick Rogue, I can't imagine what Touchstone was thinking when they put this one into production. You never know, it might be a surprise hit -- but then again, it is about a killer crocodile named Gustave, so I wouldn't count on it.
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