I don't know about you, but I've grown more than a little weary of the whole "Hannibal Lecter" thing. Anthony Hopkins did some seriously stunning work in The Silence of the Lambs, to be sure, but this series has been treading water ever since that flick won Best Picture. (It was the source material that damned Hannibal and Brett Ratner who demolished Red Dragon -- but if you've never seen Lecter's "true" origin film, I'd certainly recommend Michael Mann's Manhunter.)

And yeah, there's another chapter coming. Looks like it's prequel time, what with Anthony Hopkins getting older and more expensive to hire and all...

The long-gestating Hannibal Rising comes from novelist/screenwriter Thomas Harris ... and the director of Girl with a Pearl Earring, surely an unbeatable duo where horror prequel afterthoughts are concerned. Sorry to sound so dismissive, mainly because Hannibal Rising could be a great movie for all I know, but based on what I've been reading (and what's offered in this German teaser trailer), this thing feels like the Basic Instinct 2 of the Lecter series.

Gaspard Ulliel is the one donning the "bite mask" (the presence of which is exceedingly silly, as if Hannibal Lecter just claimed his own Jason-style hockey mask gimmick) this time around and he'll be surrounded by folks like Gong Li, Rhys Ifans, Kevin McKidd and Dominic West. For those who simply can't wait until February 9 to see what the young Hannibal is up to, feel free to read the book. It just hit the shelves this week.

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