Wow. Either we have some really funny readers, or you guys were hitting the keg before you submitted your entries to our Caption This! Beerfest Unrated DVD Giveaway. We had a hard time narrowing down our winner and runners-up, but we finally managed to make a decision. Our winner will receive our fabulous Beerfest Unrated DVD Prize Package, which includes:

1 Completely, Totally Unrated Beerfest DVD

1 Navy Blue Bottle Opener Hat (Everyone who has seen this wants it!)

1 Black "Schnitzengiggle Tavern" Tee

1 Beer Mug Glasses (The kind you wear!)

1 Beautiful Beer Stein with Domed Lid

1 Alcohawk ™ Personal Breathalyzer (This is real and high-end.)

Our four runners-up will each receive a copy of the Beerfest Unrated DVD.

Winner and runners-up after the jump ...