While we recently brought you the news that Joe Carnahan (Narc) was teaming up with George Clooney to direct White Jazz, it appears he will first helm a remake of Otto Preminger's 1965 pic Bunny Lake is Missing. The project is quickly taking shape with Spyglass Entertainment reportedly set to finance and Columbia Pictures tapped to distribute domestically. Currently in talks to star in the thriller is none other than everyone's favorite recently-divorced Oscar-winning blonde, Reese Witherspoon.

Though I never had a chance to watch the original, its description sounds very much like the recent Jodie Foster flick Flightplan, in that it revolves around a woman who claims her daughter, Bunny Lake, is missing. However, when police begin to investigate, they cannot find any evidence suggesting that Bunny ever existed -- which leads everyone involved to believe this woman has gone bonkers. Witherspoon would play said woman and if she signs on, the role would be a fascinating departure for a girl we're used to seeing tackle cookie-cutter romantic comedies, not thrillers. Doug Wright penned the script, and is currently working on a rewrite alongside Carnahan. The director's next effort, Smokin' Aces, arrives in theaters next month, while Witherspoon is currently shooting the drama Rendition with Meryl Street and Jake Gyllenhaal. What do you think about Witherspoon in a thriller? Can she pull it off?

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