After spending years fighting evil, you finally face the First Evil, defeat him, send your town into an abyss, and then what? For one slayer, it's putting aside your evil-vanquishing roots in order to face some creepy Asian children. For the other chosen one, it's a little bit of everything. Eliza Dushku jumped from her time as Faith to a time-bending med student on TV, and now to a whole mess of films with a little laughter, a little screaming and a little psychosis -- the last of which comes from the upcoming thriller, The Alphabet Killer.

Rob Schmidt, who last headed the feature Wrong Turn, will direct the murder mystery that is based on the real-life Alphabet Murders from Rochester, NY in the seventies. According to the official site, which is already online, the movie will follow Megan, a police investigator played by Dushku, who is up against her fiancé for head of the department. When a girl is raped and murdered and she can't solve it, her reality slips, she's institutionalized, and he takes the job. When back in the department, but working as a records clerk, she uses her pull to ride along with her ex-fiancé when more murders are committed. Obviously, this brings up old wounds and her mental health begins to slip.

The case remains unsolved, so Schmidt has some options on his plate for the ending. He can leave the case unsolved as it is, and focus on Megan and her psyche, or take The Black Dahlia route and come up with a fictional killer and ending. What would you rather have as the moviegoer? The slick wrap-up with no factual basis, or the never-resolved ending that's true to life?

[via JoBlo/ArrowInTheHead]
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